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Hydraulic excavators and loaders

Hydraulic loaders and hydraulic excavators by OSTLER Rieden

With a hydraulic loader or a hydraulic excavator by OSTLER Maschinenbau you can implement the utmost flexibility: Choose between the models, that can be mounted directly to the tractor and those that can also be mounted to your tractor but have their own running gear. In addition some models can have a telescopic arm or can be installed for stationary use. This means, if necessary the machine is mounted at a fixed location. No matter for which version you decide – you always use an implement that offers enormous capacity, loading range and flexibility.

Our machines – a multitude of applications that is hard to top

The applications of these machines are very versatile. Excavating of trenches, mounting of a gripping arm, loading of manure. The special accessories include a wide range from manure gripper to back hoe and ditching bucket – and these are just some examples of what our loaders and excavators can do.

Would you like something extraordinary? We manufacture customized special models

On our website you can get information about our serial models. We will be very pleased to advice you additionally in person – also with respect to the option of an individual, custom-fit machine! In accordance with your specifications we will build the machine of your choice that perfectly fits your daily work load: a little bit smaller, a little bit larger, with specially developed equipment – we will find a sophisticated solution for your purposes!

Hydraulic excavators and loaders

DP 4 / DP 5

The robust rear digger with optimized kinematics

  • Three-point support Cat. 2 for almost every tractor
  • Optimum kinematics for large working depths and dumping heights
  • High reach of 4 metres respectively 5 metres
  • High lifting capacities of 500 kg up to 1430 kg

Technical data

FL 500 / FL 700 / HL 150

The powerful universal loaders

  • Own chassis with operator seat, support and concrete ballasting
  • Optimal kinematics for large working depths and dumping heights
  • High reach of up to 7 metres
  • High lifting capacity of 820 kg up to 3800 kg

Technical data

T 100 / T 110

Extremely easy to move, with telescopic arm

  • Own chassis with operator seat, support and ballasting
  • Telescopic arm for extreme reach of up to 9.2 metres
  • Optimum kinematics for working in extremely confined spaces
  • Lifting capacity of 300 kg up to 2400 kg

Technical data

S 700 / S 800

The stationary loading crane with wide reach

  • Wide, comfortable operator’s cabin with heating and air condition
  • Own hydraulic system and control
  • High reach of more than 8 metres
  • High lifting capacity of 800 kg up to 1000 kg

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