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New exhaust emission standards EURO Stage V

A challenge, but at the same time an opportunity for innovations

OSTLER Maschinenbau is working intensely on new drives that comply with the new exhaust emission standard EURO Stage V. At the moment OSTLER can still serve the market with diesel engines of the manufacturing year 2018, but soon new, innovative and cleaner drives will be available.

You will be surprised!

Extension of universal loader programme by K2 A and K3 A

Inexpensive and powerful without telescopic arm

OSTLER Maschinenbau has extended its scope of universal loaders by the types K2 A and K3 A. Both are cost-effective variations of the tried and tested universal loader types K2 P and K3 and can lift loads up to a height of 2.60 metres without telescopic arm. Their characteristic features are their attractive price and their enormous lifting capacity of up to 1.8 tons.

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